Welcome To Jay Bennett Coaching

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Our passion is helping you, a leader of business teams, elevate your effectiveness, and your professional and personal fulfillment, to a profoundly higher level.

We believe that skillfully leading professional teams is an art – and a privilege. That the conscious and enlightened application of this art produces transformative results, inspired individuals, and flourishing innovation.

We understand that as a “leader of leaders” in business you are expected to “hit the numbers,” create thriving teams, and make a substantial personal-brand impact.

Our philosophy is that your mastery in the executive office requires a balance of “outer” assets and “inner” assets. Outer assets include Vision, Planning, Communication, Leadership, and Impact. Inner assets include passion, self-understanding, emotional intelligence, humanity, compassion, and curiosity.

Our experience is that our clients experience profound self-discovery, resurrect underutilized talents, discover dormant passions and aptitudes, and “show up” each day as a more inspired, able, and successful leader. We think you will too. Ensuing from this is a thriving team and a climbing bottom line.

Our commitment is to passionately partner with you to facilitate your unique personal ascent to your very best.

The first logical question is: Why would a company bring in an Executive Coach? That is, what issues are to be addressed or improved using an Executive Coach? We answer that question on the “Why Invest?” page. Will you please take a look now? Or, if you want to move faster, call us at 925-353-7234.


Note: In the event that you want to develop your business and personal “A-game,” but you conclude that a full coaching partnership is not yet the right level of investment for you, know that we have another business service to offer that is at a lesser level of investment. See the details at GoRampUp.